Saturday, March 2, 2013

Her pink and green first birthday Party

We used this picture for her invitation

She looked so big in this picture to me

Her them done at WalMart..thought they turned out great.
I paid a little extra to have them tinted pink...shows up okay digitally, but not so much in the actual print itself. Won't do that again.

Here they are trying to get that classic baby tummy shot, but she was too busy snuggling with the furry rug!
We just did all of her decorations to match her party dress, since she's not into much, other than small chairs and books!

We got some strawberry and watermelon taffy for the goody bags on our Gatlinburg trip..yum...the rest, thank you dollar tree

We had pink and blue lemonade, angelfood cupcakes, and mint-chocolate chip & strawberry ice cream for dessert.

We also had pink hummus dip & green spinach dip for our chips, green honeydew & watermelon fruit salad, and chickenfingers. everything pink and green(except chicken!).  But I didn't get a pic of the other food

showing us how old she is

not happy to share grammys lap with her cousin Samuel

Caroline and Erynn provided the tunes

rolling in her pbk sherpa chair that we got her...she loves fuzzy stuff


see, books and chairs

and the only brother in attendance that evening...because whoops...
oh no! This birthday party did not...I repeat DID NOT go off without a hitch...Daddy, Poppa, and the other two brothers got sick(as in stomach virus sick) the morning of the party, so we quarantined them at Nana and Poppa's house and cleaned ours...again. Looking back, I guess we should have postponed, but then there was all that food already made and that homemade CAKE!!*&*$@!! So Nana and this momma pressed on..but then the momma got sick...literally between cake and presents. Now I know that you are scrolling back and looking at how green I am in the cake picture. And yes, we even passed this off to a few of our party goers (the worst part).  But we did have a better celebration a few days before on her real birthday 11-14-11...

here she is in the same dress (my mom's) on her monthly birthday....crazy how fast they grow in a year.  Wish I had pinterest and had this idea back when my oldest was born!

her publix cake

she got a set of princess books, that chair, and a pink excited she swooned!haha

now this one she got to celebrate with all of her fellas

and it was good!
and here are the angel food cupcakes from the vomit party....don't you want some?!!

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