Monday, June 27, 2011

Harris' 8th Birthday Celebrations

He planned out his whole birthday itenerary...including swimming and a cookout at Nana's on his 'real' birthday...and a lemon cake made by Granny! 

favorite presents were his Nook, portable DVD,zoo pass, Harry Potter legos, and lego dictionary

trying out cousin Jack's electric guitar

They'll be forming a band soon...

Pete will play the drums, of course...

He's already planning their world tour!

We rented a waterslide for the birthday party with friends over the weekend

Even Pete was brave enough to join in

the birthday boy in midair

The overgrown boys joined in the fun!

Looks like our next birthday will be in November!!!

May/June 2011

storytime after awards day

goofing off

Harris (bottom,left) and class

Awards Day-A Honor Roll and Amazing Author award...great job!

Elliott marching to 4K graduation

Elliott's 4K classroom had a Mickey Mouse theme. Even though his teacher's name was Ms. Vicki, he called her Ms. Mickey all year, and refused to believe otherwise.

Elliott and his favorite chicken, Ester.  He's been caught many times giving Ester a tour of his room!

Baby for sale:as offer....

Brothers responsible for! (j/k!)

2nd grade field trip to sloss furnace,chuck-e-cheese,and krispy kreme (Harris, bottom right)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Elliott's Baseball Season spring 2011

slugger in training

got a little lonely out there in the outfield

snuck up to pitcher position thinking no one would notice!

Bad news bears!

season wrap-up party at the splash pad

been waiting for that trophy all season!