Monday, September 30, 2013

The Rest of Spring

First Haircut


sweet cheeks


and after

Mother's Day 2013
me and my babies!

Samuel and Erynn wish Grammy a happy mothers' day

cousins are fun!

celebrating the end of 3K with Ms. Dawn and Stacy at Chik fil a

Honor Society tapping for Harris
4th grade

End of the year for this 1st and 4th grader...honor roll all year for these guys!

Elliott had Ms. Burtram

Harris had Ms. Purkey, Ms. Shores, Ms. Robbins, and Ms. Barnwell

First grade party

Day out with Thomas in Calera

Love that we still have a Thomas fan...this little outing at the Railroad museum in Calera is always fun!

admiring her Thomas tattoo

they always like the live music

Pete catching a closer look

Spring Break 2013

Camping at Desoto state park

Aren't the funniest memories made on the biggest disaster trips?  Well, this was no exception!  The car was so loaded down, we thought that surely we couldn't have forgotten anything.  Well, bibs and a highchair were kind of important.  Imagine me cooking hamburgers over a coleman stove while simultaneously shooing a toddler away from both a campfire and a stove!  Then there were the earplugs that we didn't think we would need...until the troop of no less than 100 boyscouts trucked in and began setting up tents about 40 yards from ours....about 20 minutes after we have the baby asleep in her packnplay in the tent.  So, I'm laying there until about 2 a.m., using every bit of self-control I have not to jump out of the tent and cuss a group of 14 year old boy scouts out! Here we are in the wilderness camping area (which meant giving up the comforts of a nearby bath-house for peace and quiet)..a dirt road separating us from 100 loud 14 year olds...yet we live on 6 acres with a cozy bed and toilet and shower!   Then there are a few blessed minutes of sleep before Elliott stands up and starts wandering around the tent.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that he was sleep walking until he began peeing on Jimmy's sleeping bag.  About 45 minutes after that, Harris gets up to puke and can't get the tent unzipped fast enough.   And then we realized that we had forgotten coffee!  We did have a nice hike and the kids really did enjoy the playground the next day. But we called it quits after the car battery died the next morning.  And that was the biggest blessing in disguise.  A bad storm and small tornado came by that afternoon and even damaged the camp store.  Thank God we had already left (and gotten the largest cup of coffee I have ever ordered at Mcdonald's!)
....then Jimmy mentioned that we should do this again next year!?!*#@*&#!!

we camped on St Patrick's Day

not one more step

And then we went to the ZOO to see the new dinosaur animatronic exhibit...and that went a good bit better!

new baby and mama orangutan