Sunday, April 21, 2013

more winter 2013 fun

Elliott's minecraft valentine mailbox

trying to figure out what all of the cards are about

Harris and Elliott took these for valentines at school

ninja Harris

showing her mean face

the only real snow of the year 1/17/2013 (for the southeast,anyway)....Forever will be the one time they wait too late to close schools and they wound up having to keep some kids at school until the thaw that afternoon. We rescued this crew, though, and came home to a warm fire and an afternoon of playing in the snow!

she was not a fan of the icy wind

discovering a love of Ravioli...beginning to think the Powells are secretly Italian

Pat Benatar came and fixed her hair while she was sleeping

taking a picture to see what he looks like rolling his eyes...we're at that stage

Elliott the king of gross, and spooky...trying out his Dr. Dreadful alien autopsy

iPod fanatic....want a meltdown?  Say "times up, Elliott"

discovering the aquarium at McWane

checking out the new Clifford exhibit

his dog bowl was their favorite

this was about the time that she fell hard for the WalMart $5 doll we named "Busy" because she has a busy bee on her outfit. We are trying to hoard replacements because Busy goes everywhere and has to be in her bed for her to go to sleep!

their hideout corner in our pantry

February birthday boys/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

Pete was 4 on 2/11 & Elliott was 7 on 2/20
We did a combo party at Jasper Natatorium...figured swimming in February was quite a treat
I got lucky that they are all into TMNT right now

Eman is into playing minecraft on his computer, riding his "dirt bike" razor, wearing skinny jeans, and avoiding wearing anything he deems "uncool".  He wants to be a dirtbike racer when he grows up.

Pete is 4 already. Still sweet as ever. Still loves Thomas the Train. He loves going to preschool. We think he will be a preacher when he grows up because he fights with his brothers to be the one to say the blessing first every night and is always loudest of all!

Thanks to all friends and family who came....they had a ball!
on Pete's real birthday, we celebrated with some "alone time" with mommy and daddy that included dinner out at Johnny Rockets and a trip to toysr'us, where he picked out the only train set they carry that he doesn't already own! Crazy about trains!

also had a little celebration at school for snack that mommy and Erynn came to

Jimmy and I celebrated his birthday/Valentines Day with a
very rare night away to Montgomery performing arts center to see Kenny Rogers (blast from the past!) , ate at wintzells oyster house, stayed at the Hampton, and then drove back to Jasper the next morning for the big party at 10 am...phew! Actually, it was all good because we actually slept all night without Miss Erynn to wake us up!

And not to leave Elliott out, as he did have a special night out with us on his real birthday that included a trip to the super cool skateboard shop to get a big boy skateboard, but all the pics must be on Jimmy's phone...will find and share soon!

the finale to all of these February birthdays was a night out with old friends (who are all getting older!)...Jimmy, Danny, and Brandon out at Joe's Crab Shack got talked into (forced) by our waitress...but we all had fun making fun of them.  I thought Jimmy looked the best, but I am a little biased.