Thursday, March 24, 2011


King for the Day for his preschool birthday celebration

happy crew

the big,bad birthday spanking from Ms. Vicki

Excited that Mommy and Pete brought snack

he thinks these 'flowers' are just beautiful!

Pete the amazing

sleeping like an angel (not sure how, though, with all of that loud stuff surrounding him!)

the Scooby Doo necklace that Elliott made for Prima.  He wants to paint her brown with black spots for Halloween so that she'll look like Scooby Doo.  He's gonna be Shaggy, dad's Fred Jones, mom's Daphne, and Pete's Velma.  He's got it all planned out.  Maybe Harris will be the monster?

my favorite birthday present from Elliott..."so you won't get lost from God, mommy"

 I would like to emphasize that Mommy was at work and Daddy was in charge when these pictures were taken.  That's all I'm saying (besides the fact that I am  a laundry goddess!)