Friday, January 28, 2011

2010 School Parties

Harrs and gang

cookie chef

"you better not pout"

no schoolin', no partyin', no problem

McWane Center Winter Wonderland

faux snow

carpet skating

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Herron/Howton Family Pumpkin Patch Party

How we decorated our pumpkin

Random November Pics (&Christmas Card attempts)

Anytime Pete decides he needs an outing, he grabs a bag and some shoes and heads for the door.  It doesn't even matter if they are his shoes or mama's.

Nana and Poppa's Christmas Card with Jackson

Decorating for Christmas is always fun...for the boys!

Daddy breaking up the Indians vs. Pilgrims

I was trying to capture Elliott in his Alabama outfit for team day at school.  Of course, Pete (aka Pigpen) Powell had to jump in.  This is only a small glimpse of my laundry problems.  I think that I might have earned a masters degree in laundry by now.

Fall Trip to Gatlinburg

"deer hunting" in cades cove

Elliott wanted to tour every Haunted House in Gatlinburg, no surprise since he lives for Halloween!

Good Ol' Boys

Elliott and Daddy ride the carousel at Ober Gatlinburg...this was the infamous portion of our trip when, trapped in the skylift with no parental escape route,  Elliott saw the muslim woman in full-dress birka and yelled..."look, a real live ninja!"

Nana and boys riding the swings

candymaking...and drooling

just my size!

Elliott was actually a little scared of the headless horseman...very rare for him!