Monday, August 31, 2009

A week of pictures

Having fun as usual. Elliott's loving preschool and very proud that he finally gets to go to school, too. It just really feels weird while he's there and I'm down to one child. Harrris is loving first grade, but he's really jealous that some of his friends have lost their front teeth and he hasn't, yet. When Jimmy was brushing his teeth tonight, he said "Daddy, why don't you just go ahead and knock them out?"...That boy...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School

These are the official 'first day' pics. Harris started first grade and Elliott started 3K. When I went to pick Elliott up, his teacher asked me to remind him to wait for snack time to get his snack bag out. Apparently, he waltzes in the room, sits down at the table, opens up his lunchbox, and starts eating right away. Well the teacher looks over and all of the other kids have taken Elliott's cue and started eating their snacks. Mutiny!

Random Silliness

Yes Uncle Jer & Aunt Rachel, we're still enjoying the fifi poodle costume...You can bet these pics will be the first ones to show future girlfriends!

iron baby

Jammin....where's the excedrin?

chief warpaint

Growing Baby

6 MONTHS old, already!
In case anyone's wondering, we're making sure Pete's well-fed. If only fat rolls were as cute in your 30's!

soon to be on-the-go

sitting up

First solids

Big Bathtub