Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pete's 6th Birthday

The handsome six-year-old!

Best I could do for a pic when we took donuts to kindergarten to celebrate his big day.

Got some new black cowboy boots from Mom and Dad.

To Zaxby's to celebrate with a birthday cake shake

What he spent his birthday money on.

Even though it was two months after Christmas, he absolutely had to have a polar express party. Nothing else would do. We had brunch in our pajamas, played trains and had hot chocolate. Santa came and brought his birthday presents.

The conductor greeted everyone at the front door. I thought he was a good stand-in for Tom Hanks.

A "before" shot of our Polar Express train.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guess who's 40?!?

The invite showcased the man of the hour through the years!  What a cute Baby!

Here is a very blurry picture just before we left on what he thought was a birthday party for his sister-in-law...not so!

And here is the cake that I entrusted to the pig for the sake of sanity and secrecy....didn't turn out as I hoped:(  But, no undoing it now!

Thankful for friends to celebrate the big day with; what are the chances of these close buddies being born at the same time!

Friends and family joined in on the fun

These 3 are very blessed to have so many people that care about them!

The 40 Cakes

Happy Birthday Danny, Brandon, and Jimmy!
40 is just a good jumping off point, right?

Basketball Season 2014-15 for Harris

Harris' team did great! We had a lot of fun and excitement watching him play this year. All 4 community teams were closely matched, leading to a lot of overtimes and nailbiting!  They came in 2nd place after losing by just one point in overtime. Not sure if my heart can take another season like this one!

New Years' Eve at Home

We were tired from a very eventful and FAST PACED Christmas. We opted for an evening of driveway fireworks and red velvet cupcakes created by chef Pete.