Sunday, November 22, 2009

1 litttle, 2 little, 3 little...

Indians!!! When I dropped Elliott off at preschool, they were reading stories in the teepee. When I picked him up, he looked like this. And had plenty of new songs to share. Preschool is such fun!

Recuperating from stomach bug last week in his 'nest'. I'm jealous and wish I had a 'nest' and some Scooby Doo downtime!

9 months old!!!

using a big-boy cup

love my Daddy!

billy-bob baby (aka jethro)

proof that bad hair days happen to the best of us!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Fun '09

can't you just hear the and their noisy lawn tools!

Well, this started innocently as sliding down into a pile of leaves...but in true Powell boy fashion it quickly turned into a daredevil plunge.

scraping through the Halloween remnants...if only I had a dollar for everytime I heard 'can you give me some more Halloween gummies?' this season!

more blue-eyed cuteness!

Halloween '09

Harris was 'Captain Rex' from Star Wars, Pete was 'Mickey', and Elliott was...

the 'Creeper'. Inspired by a classic Scooby episode, Elliott was delighted with this 'creeper' mask. You would have thought he'd found the holy grail when he spotted this delightful finding at Walgreens. So scary, Harris refused to have his picture made with him. Elliott liked looking at it so much that he just held it and looked at it while he trick-or-treated. He truly enjoyed the creepy and ghoulish side of Halloween (at three!!!). We enjoyed our traditional cookout at the Parker's and hayride thru W.J.

Jackson's Napolean Dynamite was a favorite of mine (complete with moonboots!) was Kinley's Alice in Wonderland ...missed a lot of pictures this year...guess I was chasing kids. One of our favorite memories was wrapping up the night with Harris' friends from Elliott's favorite version of a Halloween party. He hung out in their makeshift graveyard most of the night...absolutely delighted!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Random October Cuteness

Elliott's 1st classroom party...He sang '5 little pumpkins' the loudest of all!


Nerd Day for homecoming...he kept saying that he thought "nerd day" meant dressing up like little round pink and purple pieces of candy!