Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outside Today

Enjoying this wonderful fall weather in the backyard today!

Sweet Pete @ 7 months

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lost Tooth

Well, Harris finally lost his first tooth and is very excited. Especially since he can now be on the tooth chart in Ms. Wesley's room. I made this pillow for him a couple of weeks ago in anticipation. He is recovering from the swine flu, which I'm sure he was an easy target since he has had his hands in his mouth constantly ever since he noticed it was loose. He asked Jimmy if the tooth fairy brought toys. When Jimmy told him that he got a quarter when he was little, Harris said "but Dad, that was back in the old days!" Yes, we are officially being called old by our own children now. It's all downhill from here! Then there was the discussion Jimmy and I had about how much the tooth fairy pays. Of course I bid $5, while Jimmy thought $1. (note:she pays $5). I was really sad. We were at my parents' and I told him to go show it to Poppa and see if he can pull it out. Then after Poppa did, I secretly wanted him to put it back! And yes, he's already trying to wiggle the one next to it.


Elliott trying to color his fingernails

Playdate with Owen

trying to chase me and camera

Driveway Rounds

These three have made many rounds in the driveway this summer via these modes of transport. Elliott is usually chasing Harris on the razor scooter with his powerwheel. I chase them both with Pete in the stroller, who is learning fast and eager to join them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day @ the River

We stayed at the river for the holiday weekend. Swimming and fishing and eating and such. Harris learned how to cast a line pretty easily...the next bassmaster! As for Elliott, he was excited to have "my new pets"..."worms are my bestest friends!".

Wonder Baby

Pulling-up @ 7 months!

Hanging with Nana on the pier