Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Bakugan Party

Yes, ANOTHER Froggy's party...but hey, it's not my party. Kids love Froggy's. And the cake could have easily been used for a lingerie/bachelorette party. But we had to have red and black icing because those were Bakugan colors. Lots of friends and lots of fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Sweet Boys

These are some of my favorite shots from last week. I realize that Elliott is without shirt in the majority of his pics. To clarify this: this one is most angelic and still just after napping and therefore, much easier to photograph. If I disturb this by putting on a shirt, then he turns into MAJOR a.m. grouch (not unlike his aunt Holly and uncle Jer).

Beating the Heat '09

Well, this pool was a the driveway to avoid roofing nails in little feet (and hopefully tires)! Making robots with Grammy out of tp rolls(After Harris' McWane build-it camp we just kept building, and building...). Trying to snap cute, clean, dressed-up boys before church...and having only one be still...thanks Nana for the latest creation. Next time, though, we're going to need to allow a little more room for the husky arms (ahem, biceps).

A Birthday Outing

For Harris' REAL Birthday (6/23/03), we started with toy shopping (he knew EXACTLY what he wanted, we were clueless). He announced to a few people at Books-a-Million that it was his 6th birthday and that he was there to get his Star Wars Toy. He then proceeded to tell that he was going to Wal-Mart next, to get a 6 pack. Now most moms of 6 year old boys know that this means a 6 pack of Bakugan, but I'm sure that is not what it sounded like. So, in true Harris fashion, we arrive at WalMart and he tells every other person that we pass "Hey! It's my birthday! I'm 6 and my momma's taking me to get a 6 pack!" After 6 years of mothering this salesman/politician/social butterfly, I've actually developed the ability to withhold blushing voluntarily. We then met Nana at Zoe's for grilled cheese and the candy shop afterwards. Then, we went to see Night at the Museum 2 at the IMAX. Now, he wants to go to the Smithsonian. Sure, Harris, maybe tommorrow.

Just taking it all in

Pete is so easy to entertain; his brothers provide a constant "action movie". Here he is checking out some Thomas.