Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Party at Laura's

Last Friday we had a party at Laura’s House mainly to see Greg, but also to get together with everyone, since we don’t get to see each other too often. Let me say, I had a really good time. I am really glad that I have such good friends. Most of the people in the pictures below, I have known and been best friends with for over 25 years. Most of them I still see/talk to on a regular basis, which I think is pretty good since we graduated almost 15 years ago. My parents are always talking about how lucky I am to have such a special group of friends. I have never met anyone who still has such a large group of childhood friends that they still keep in contact with. Here a few pictures from the party.
Greg and Ashley
Mark Grainger pulled a few strings and was able to get Greg an Auburn helmet signed by Tommy Tubberville (which I think Greg appreciated, since he is just little bit of an Auburn fan!)

Of course we couldn’t make through a get together without a picture of Swindle’s derrière (at least it is covered!). I'm still trying to figure out who is groping this poor boy

The guys (and Laura)

Pictures with Greg (I know he really got tired of having his picture made that night)

Man Streety, you are HOT!!

And so is Stefan!

More pictures as the night progressed. We played some games (and I'm not talking about Connect 4) that I hadn’t played since we used to go over to William and Stef’s dad’s house.

All in all, it was a great night with some great friends. I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

Christmas 2007

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas season this year.
Somehow I didn't manage to get the Christmas lights put up on the house, so Harris said I had to at least put them up on the clubhouse (I wonder if this will work every year, it sure was a lot easier).

Santa Claus on the firetruck at my parent's house.

The first couple of tries in the quest for the perfect Chistmas card picture (neither of which Momma's final cut).

A few pictures from the Chistmas Festivities.

Just some random pictures taken before one of the many family parties.

Playing outside the day after Christmas.

Just chillin' after a long day of playing with new toys

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love me some OREOS

Fall Trip to the Mountains

We went to Gatlinburg over Veteran’s Day weekend, with everyone and I do mean everyone. Here are a couple of pictures from the trip (of course mostly of Harris and Elliott)

The obligatory picture of the entire clan in front of the National Park sign

At the top of Clingman's dome

Dang it's cold

Pool Shark

I sure do enjoy having my picture made next to large set of shark jaws.

At the Ripley's aquarium (or Requarium as Harris calls it)

The amazing Herbie the Lovebug…Harris and Elliott’s new favorite show
Harris and Elliott went to the Build a Bear store…Here is Thomas the Tiger

Halloween Post (a little late)

Harris and Elliott really got into carving pumpkins this year. Harris designed his own and wanted to carve it but 4 year olds with butcher knives usually don't work out to well

Getting ready to go trick or treating

Who needs an alarm system?...

When you live at the Hall of Justice with two of the superfriends

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Hard day at the office

Heidi brought the kids by to see me at work the other day. They had a lot of fun. It looked like the tasmanian devil had been sitting at my desk when they left (plus they were covered with different colored markers). I just hope Elliott wasn't talking to my Boss!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meet Cooper Party

We had a party this past weekend for Brandon and Steph's new addition, Cooper. It was a lot of fun, but I think the kids had the best time. Here's a couple of pictures from it.


Grayson, Harris, Elliott, and Morgan

Joseph and Harris



All the younger kids were amazed by Brandon's nephew, Landon. They thought they were in the Army and he was the Drill Sergeant. They followed him all over the place. Here he is giving out orders.

Lou and "Little Lou 2"

Stef and Grayson

Cleaning up after the party


Monday, October 1, 2007

Mini Me

Heidi wanted me to post this picture of Elliott. He is actually smiling, looking at the camera and doesn't have anything in his mouth.

She said she thought he looked just like me. If that's the case, I sure feel sorry for the kid.