Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Party with Howton/Herron family

Micah drew a ribbon for breast cancer Elliott decided to help out and draw a pair of breasts to match!...I'm so proud;)

she loves babies!

and baby showers!

Halloween 2013

Elliott's new orange/gray room was easy to decorate!

He's always been my Halloween lover

Big AL and UA cheerleader

Rap star (who likes country music!?!?)

zombie Alabama football player

Fall 2013 Randoms

chocolate lover

pete's first bird hunting trip

first pedicure

homecoming pirate and...

Duck Dynasty day

borrowing brother's boots

growing up! my big middle-schooler

brought Mickey home from preschool

bonding with a monkey at the zoo

confused about ponytailholder placement

took a new baby to the park

carpool buddies


sleepover buddies

we got the Osama bin Laden costume beard for duck dynasty day because it was cheaper!

borrowed brother's underwear, a little confused about the placement!

Buzz Erynn

they love that rope swing

reading with Granny

Elliott's field trip to camp Fletcher