Wednesday, April 11, 2012

february/march 2012 snapshots

tired ninja warrior

my dimples

the 4 month dress picture (dress is either shrinking...or she's growing!)...13 lb 9 oz at her checkup!

been trying hard to capture her 'Robert DeNiro' face on film...almost!

my two E's

sporting her mini-skirt!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elliott's 6th Birthday Party...Star Wars

my sweet snaggle-tooth celebrator of every occasion...lover of all things spooky & creepy....but still has his mommy sing his special 'pretty blue eyes' song before bed every night..he's one of a kind!

this is all that he wanted for his birthday...darth maul mask...wore it randomly around the had many tiny heart attacks being caught off guard by that mug

jedi knight in training

E-man as skywalker

Darth Jackson makes an appearance

princess leia...not sure about the buns!

Pete and Erynn's Portrait Favorites