Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kindergarten and 3rd grade awards days

Our 'Honest Abe' got the Most Honest Award, coincidence that he was born on Presidents' Day? He also gets mommy's kudos for becoming an excellent reader without much help!  Thanks Ms. Thrasher!

Elliott in center, back.  He was about to fall asleep. He was in protest of cutting out naps in kindergarten this year! 

The kindergarten gang

Harris got tapped into the National Honor Society.  We're very proud of his hard work.  He also got  awards for honor roll and the highest math average in his class!

Boys of Summer

this is how we beat the heat

the artists at work

Thursday, July 5, 2012


needed to catch up on all the pics we've taken of this baby sit back and watch her grow!

first sippy cup

the 6 month chair picture

the dress is definitely getting smaller

future pianist
look out Jerry Lee....I can play with my toes, too!

she's a silly, happy girl!

Our sweet kiddos!

When we later wonder why she's so rough....

7 mo chair pics

the two teeth just under the gums broke through over the next two days
what a ham!
this expression reminds me of Jimmy

so happy to be cruising!

Decoration at Mountain Creek

Dad and Erynn

okay, maybe this is a creepy post...but...

It's pretty neat to be able to take your kids to the grave of one of their great-great-great grandparents!....whose birthdate is their mom and dads anniversary, weird.