Thursday, July 5, 2012

spring 2012

loves her baby dolls

this is how Erynn squeals every night when we're about to give her a lotion massage...what a diva!

5 month chair picture

LOVES her "pretty pink princess" doll

planting the garden? or mud bog?

exersaucer time

day at the mine with Daddy

future geologist

loves her silky blanket

silly goofballs

Nana made us the pb&j shirts in honor of our daily bread!

snaggles...with a speech impediment

we put the bow in to commemorate that she finally had enough hair to put a bow in...not that it looks great, but it doesn't have to when you're this pretty!

Pete loves his baby

all dressed up for her 6 month checkup

first solid foods

the rice cereal went over well

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