Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Powell Family Christmas '09

We gathered at Nancy & Freddie's this year to celebrate with the cousins. The feast was completed with 'Nana's green ice cream (purposely heavy on creme de menthe?) and a visit from Santa-who brings a little early present for the kids! The kids all play great together(as you can see). We skipped over the annual viewing of Christmas Vacation in leiu of checking out Uncle Freddie's man cave...sorry I have no pics, but it can best be described as a PETA reps worst nightmare...enough fur on the walls to clothe the entire eskimo nation! Here is Elliott rearranging the ornaments; I'm going to hire him out next year..he loves decorating!
This picture of all 9 cooperative angels was quite a miracle! Anna,Lydia Joy, Grayce, Harris, Elliott, Joshua, Jackson, Ross, & Pete

Here are those same fallen angels in 2008, minus Pete. Jackson was born in 2000, & there has been a new baby every Christmas since. No pressure, guys, but we need a baby in a belly by February/March to keep this going! (I've done my part)

Awaiting anxiously for what's in the sack!

who is that masked man?

Santa and Aunt Nancy bond

thanksgiving '09

We spent the day with family. These are Jim's pictures from lunch. Check out Molly's festive bandanna and Pete's turkey bib. I would also ask you to completely ignore all food in Pete's hair, nose, clothes, etc. as he feels lately that these smearings just add to the feeding experience.
I'm not sure why Elliott was being jerked up-a-la-screaming-kid-in-grocery-store-style, but I CAN assure you that it was probably not the only time that day (terrible 3's?)!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Party '09 @ PLC

nothing sweeter than a group of 3 yr olds singing the 'lord we thank you' prayer before snack time!

with Ms. Dawn

with Ms. Stacy

Pete is 10 months old!

reason why the tree is caged

showing off the gingerbread house (or what's left of it)

Elliott singing 'Jesus loves me' and 'Jingle Bells' at church

Pete showing us 'how the little piggy goes'!

Snow on12/6

Jimmy's new bird feeder had quite an impact once the snow thawed!