Sunday, March 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

the Christmas Card picture went suprisingly well this year

got these tees at Christmas village this year by

decorating the tree with enthusiasm, one of the first years they put more work into it than we did

post decorating collapse

how they were near the end of the photo session
we added a new tradition this year to make Christmas extra special.  During the entire Advent season we had a bible reading each night after supper and then did a little craft or something special on most nights.  Here, we have the melted snowman sugar cookies.  Painted ornaments from the dollar tree and snowflakes out of coffee filters were also favorites.

Ready for a family Christmas with the Powells and Godbehere's

11 kiddos 12 and under! What fun cousins are!

silly girls

she is not so sure about Santa


Aunt Nancy
she's psyched for our next family Christmas with the Herrons/Howton clan

gift swap time

thought my days as a bridesmaid were over! Thanks Brad and Brittany for letting me be a part of your special day

another family Christmas with Jennifer and Cassie

preschool Christmas party

best 3K teachers around...we love you Ms Dawn and Ms Stacy...(they're really smiling because they know they are 'over the hump' with the Powell kids! Just kidding!)

letters to Santa


on the way to the mall to see Santa, portrait by Elliott as always

Christmas Eve at Grammy's

Santa checking his list one more time through the streets of Hoover

Teenage mutant ninja turtles are back and pretty high up on the list this year

she's psyched about the barbie wheels

new tradition of reading the Christmas story now that we have some bigger reading helpers

halo figures and a dirtbike shirt

little people

Samuel got a house just like mine!

playdoh is always a hit...btw, this is the phase of Jer's beard growth where Erynn became absolutely terrified of him!

ready for Santa

he came!

Christmas morning


little Wendelaya's jewelry box (long,funny story)! One we won't ever forget

oh raggedy

playing with toys circa 1982, despite all the new ones around, cant beat the classics

thanks Aunt Holly for the movie makeup kit and the shiner, will have to carry a jar of cold cream around to keep DHR off my back!

with the Tuggles Christmas night


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