Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fall 2012

we had checkups with the pediatrician=perfect!

princess tiny foot can still wear last year's boots!

loving the new bookshelves poppa built us in the's like she's asking "what is this new thing?"

our trusty dog Prima...lover of all babies..protector of Powell's big and can tell where we are inside of our house by looking where Prima is on the outside...

Pete told me to come in the laundry room and watch him on TV


Our new awesome daybed that my Dad built us from 2 old doors...super comfortable and right beside the fireplace!

Fall ball players

her new trick

day at the park

high school football games...go jackets!...Erynn really liked watching the cheerleaders and mascot

sometimes find hundreds of these on my phone...Pete self-portraits

We played with friends

We carved our first pumpkins

My Halloween boy, loves it more than Christmas

she leaves a trail of destruction in her wake

for halloween we had a ninja

a foot soldier (halo guy?)

and Peter Pan and tinker bell

our fall school pics

enjoying ravioli

her first trip to Christmas village (loved it!)

modeling her thanksgiving shirt

the annual fall leaf jump portrait session...this is the one time (as in one day)of year that we believe in raking leaves...other than that,it's just a waste of energy!

Jimmy usually conducts the fall leaf jump fest on a Saturday that I'm working.  I was impressed that he dressed Erynn for the occasion

Thanksgiving boys
Elliott was my best sleeper as a baby and can still sleep anywhere, matter what chaos is around him

Erynn at the pumpkin patch party at Jerri Fay's
Career day.. we have a paleontologist and a professional dirt bike racer

homecoming dressup days...cowboy day...Elliott as 'the man in black' as usual

80's day...we spraypainted the shirts aka 'wham'video and I picked up these jeans at the thrift store and they splatter painted them with flourescent fabric paints...but, as you can tell, Harris thought the outfits were lame, not nearly as awesome as I thought they were

now this is 'rockstar day'...they cut the fingers out of some gloves and colored some t-shirts with a marker you can see, they now think they are awesome...I'll try not to intervene next time

her candy corn dress

We also threw a fall-themed wedding shower for Brad & Brittany. Johnny carved the B&B pumpkin for the occasion

This was out invite and their gifts. It was a gift card party.

I think everyone had a great time. We did soups and chili and fall-themed desserts.

We rolled with the tide and watched a little football with cousin Samuel

Pete obviously loves babies! He made our transition from 3-4 kids so easy

I think she wanted in his seat

11 months old

She LOVES books..especially this one about going to the potty!?!

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