Monday, April 14, 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine

Last Friday we took Harris and Elliott to see Thomas in Calera. We were a little nervous that there would be bad weather, but we got lucky. We got to ride Thomas and get our picture with Sir Topham Hat and play with all the Thomas trains ever made. After we did most of the activities, we decided to let the kids get a toy. This is where Heidi and I learned a big lesson. We took turns walking with kids letting them decide what they wanted. They each picked out what we thought they wanted, but little did we know that what Elliott got was not really what he wanted. What he really wanted was what Harris got! So for the rest of the afternoon Elliott pouted because he wanted the train Harris got. It was actually funny (aside from the whining) because Elliott wouldn’t look at anyone and when you called his name he would cover his eyes with his arm. Too bad I didn’t get any pictures, it was funny!

Riding the train

Us and Sir Topham Hat!

Harris and Elliott really enjoyed the music

On the way home (holding the train everybody wanted)

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