Sunday, January 6, 2008


Yesterday Me, Harris, my Dad, Johnny and Jackson went to the Monster Truck Race at the BJCC. It was a lot of fun. Harris is really into monster trucks. This was the second year he went and he is all ready to go again. We went early to to see the trucks and the drivers in the pits and take pictures. This was fun seeing them up close. Afer that we went to find our seats and they were on the front row (the tickets were a Christmas present to Harris from Nana and Pop).

In the pits before the race.

We were sitting so close that Harris got hit with a piece of dirt while Monster Mutt was doing donuts. He was really impressed with that!

Here is a picture of Blue Thunder (One of Harris' Favorites). He came in 2nd place.

And the winner is GraveDigger (of course!!)

It was a lot of fun, we are just waiting for it to come again next year when Elliott will be old enough to go.

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