Sunday, July 12, 2015

Random winter cuteness

Song and Dance for the Kindergarten Class-Pete is somewhere in that bunch!

She often sneaks out to the garage to love on Prima. I told her to put something she chose Elliott's pillowcase...sigh.

And often into mom's closet and makeup these days!

Harris with his Science Olympiad team...he won first in the It's Elemental (chemistry) portion.

Rapunzel...roller skates...wrong feet;)


my  6 month old puppy's hand vs mine

McWane Visit

I have a child that will eat cereal and milk...was wondering when that would happen!

Finally a sunshine day at the park

We will get into you, slim cardboard box!

She has to pick the socks

loving on the new fox

McWane with Math Team...great job!

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