Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Christmas 2014

The elves were up to their usual shenanigans!

 AJ, Chippy, Snowball, and Snowflake had some late night fun!

Jay Jingle and Christopher Popinkins introduced themselves to one another. Yes, we have 6 elves. Some touchable, some not. Don't really know how all that got started.

T.P. Hammock

And then there was Donnie the reindeer pet of the elf.

This is the night before our December beach trip, they were excited.

Yes, that says " I got constipated"...Elliott setup Erynn's elf as seen here. That's a brother for you! 

homemade flannel scarf , maybe my only craftiness of the season
and this doorhanger


gone! Now he just needs those front teeth for Christmas
couldn't resist this random throwback to when Harris was little and his most treasured gift was a vacuum cleaner

Reworked the boys' tree to a Bama one for the little fans!

putting on her Christmas fashion show

school parties for Harris


and Elliott

 Elliott's list
 From Harris
Santa told her the pink shotgun would knock her on her backside! And yes I had to pry her from me to get her anywhere near the frame for the pic.

Making gingerbread men/ blobs
The Christmas card saga ....this was the money shot.

and then there are the others...

8 yrs old

5 years old

11 years old

Erynn is 3 for this Christmas and Prima (camera shy) is about 10.5 yrs
Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grandaddy's

You better not pout, Erynn

a new princess bike

Uncle Jer and cousin Ellie

skylanders and minecraft were popular items this year

I will wipe that spill cousin Ellie

Santa came!
He brought some things for Pete

and Harris

and Elliott

and Erynn

but the best gift of all was a new puppy for all!
Introducing Marty the Newfoundland pup

a BIG pup


Santa came through with a pink sparkle dress and shotgun

a cupcake decorating gift for the little chef

The most wonderful day of the year!

Presents from Nana, and Poppa, and Granny, and Holly, Johnny and cousin Jackson

what he wanted most of all...a Lionel Polar Express train

princess dresses galore!

an apple cider toast with Spencer Ann

Christmas Night with the Tuggles
...And to all a good night!


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