Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall 2014

First Day of School

Pete is in Kindergarten,

Elliott in 3rd grade,

and Harris in 6th grade


cupcakes for fall festival

fall festival wins

Sunday best

dove shoot score

torn between teams

kicked off fall football Saturdays with a backyard game

she's sporting my smurf shirt from back in the day...think I have to refer to this as a "vintage tee":(

Heisman trophy pose

New cousin , Ellie

future ballerina

kindergarten field trip to McWane

light bright wall

snakes alive!

mind over matter, Pete

News showed up for a taping, but Pete was a bit camera shy.

Loved the fossil dig

Erynn photographing Granny and herself

Baby Ellie came to visit me at work for a weight check.

Homecoming dressup days required group effort.

Sometimes fall playdates turn into Storm Warnings here in Alabama and we camp out in the hallway.

The new Elsa blanket...snuggle time.  Frozen movie paraphernalia everywhere!


6th grade field trip to Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke

Helping Daddy and Prima load firewood.

starting a new furniture project with Pete's help
Homecoming dressup days
class color day
6th=purple, 3rd=orange, kindergarten=pink
yes, Harris has on my scrub pants!

Disney Day: Jack Sparrow, Captain Smee, Buzz Lightyear

teenage mutant ninja turtles

97 cent turkey pans...thanks pinterest!
kids bathroom redo...done!

space putt putt after a math team tournament

Daddy's Girl

pre and post tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
So glad it's over and so is the sore throat!

As you can see the Elsa Crown sure did help in her recovery.

Boys headed to Bama homecoming game for the day.  Girls went to visit Granny.

She loves our old childrens' books

A poster to cheer their Grammy on in her fight with lung cancer:(

Pete loves school!

Little Indian Brave

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