Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spring has Sprung 2014

:( So big , yes we had to go there!...but only every few weeks!

Ear tube set 2...she's enjoying the anesthesia and a grape popsicle all at the same time!

Her prized little mermaid gown that she got after that tube surgery and wore everywhere, everyday for the next 2 months!

lawnmower lessons

taking the new kayak for a spin in the river


my 4 little blessings on mothers day 2014

botanical gardens fieldtrip...2nd grade is almost over!

Pete got down and dirty on a playdate...so fun!

Tinkerbell and chicks

first braids by Nana

sprinkler +trampoline

just chillin'

ducks at memorial park

a little ball practice


Little Pete with Big Pete's old tiller

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