Monday, April 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

close enough
winnings from the school santa shop
who is "K" , Elliott?  "I don't know, mom, but the only other color they had was pink and I know you don't like pink". Thanks, Elliott. The fact that it is also waterproof is a plus! 

Harris in back/center at 5th grade choir concert

picked up a stray reindeer from preschool

With the Harry Potter wand and Broomstick
now it is much less work for us to decorate the tree these days

some Christmas craft that I probably found on pinterest

gingerbread decorating

class Christmas parties

elfs on the shelf this year...I think we were the very last family on earth to embrace this!

Christmas Eve at Grammy and Grandaddy's

Jer, Rachel, Samuel,& Maddie


classis Christmas face

a kiss for that new baby

boys got tablets, Daddy is our in-house tech support as always

Guns and trains...100% boys!

watching the electric train with Granny

Christmas night with the Tuggles

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