Sunday, November 17, 2013

Summer Fun 2013

Spring Valley Beach water park

we also took Nana, Papa, brothers, Jackson, Holly &Johnny.  Guess they were riding the big rides?


Hanging at Nana's pool with the Papp's

shoe girl

Loves her babies

just a little too curios about those ants!

and we had a grand yard sale (this is only half!)


end of the year trip to Baron's ballpark

into everything! that's a sugar spill, those are always fun


Stuffed animal party

In case you're wondering what fifths disease virus looks like! Harris had the classic slapped cheek rash from this virus. Took forever to peel off

cutie in dressup

found this pic at mom's. Me on right with my friend/neighbor Heather. Circa 3rd/4th grade

pool and sprinkler

jam session

VBS water party

making a video with friends
MHS friend party at Matt & Christine's

Carrie brought her boys down to Papa's river for a fun 2 day river fiesta

with beloved Prima dog

playing starwars with his little Padawan

says he's a game show host!

movie night

wreath I made Holly for her bday
she's a tiny woman...this is the Halloween outfit that Harris wore at 4 months!

discovering the American girl doll catalog

cupcakes at Samuel's 1st bday

it's a ruff life for our local sheriff

 a solo night out for Pete with mom and dad after Pete's 4K meet the teacher...we celebrated at Buffalo Wild wings

playing with his new Nintendo 3ds bday present

 the off lantern, our favorite bug fighter!

mud puddle play at Daddy's softball games


trying to fix her hair like I do brothers in the mornings

crash up derby
first big booboo, tried to superwoman dive onto brother's bed and came up short.  Thanking God it wasn't the teeth

spa day at Grammy's

pillow run races work when we are stir crazy, fighting and too hot outside

slip n slide works, too!
playing at McWane center


copperhead in our backyard...yikes!

color on sandpaper and iron-on shirts


love her
13 years of wedded bliss date night

first day of school 2013
5th, 2nd, and 4K


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