Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easter 2013

the blessing before preschool party

peeps and bunny bait!

Elliott's 1st grade egg hunt

Harris' honor society service project delivering plants to the nursing home




sweet bunny man

Now this needs some Harris declared that he no longer believes in the Easter bunny (not that we ever encouraged it anyway).  He knows that we are filling the baskets, so he wants to fill his brothers' and sister's.  He proceeds to shove his size 9 body into a 4T fifi the poodle costume(thanks, Uncle Jer) and pretend to be the Easter bunny

this pic alone is enough ammunition to cover just about any future adolescent tug of war I may have with this boy

yes, I will explain again this Easter.  We do not love her more....when ordering a basket from pbkids...get a small.  That's the size to hunt with.  The medium will hold a baby and the large will hold two babies.  But it's personalized and we're keeping it.  My source 'siblings without rivalry' says that trying very hard to keep all things perfectly equal only fuels there... big pink basket it is.  And not a word from the brothers about it, anyway!

princess cups and a ball and some outfits for her beloved "Busy" baby

this is how a lazy mom does pinterest on Easter morning

sharp dressed men!

Grammy and Grandaddy

Jer, Rachel and Samuel's first Easter

refused to hunt eggs because he didn't want to stop playing trains

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