Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring Awards Days

Harris received awards for 'A' Honor Roll, Most Imaginative, & Fitness (running 76 miles!).  We're so proud!   He was most excited about the PE award and let me know that he would've made it to 100 miles if he hadn't gone to Disney World and had ear surgery...priorities!
The ice cream party followed.
The purple pirates in all their glory!  After trophy time, they had a parent/coach game and when the sun went down, they had popcorn and watched 'The Tooth Fairy' out on the field.  Fun stuff!

Elliott, Coach,and trophy.  Check out the baseball diamond cake!  We had to cancel our splashpad party due to rain, but the kids always love them some chikfila.  Elliott was a little disappointed that the trophy wasn't red (even though we're black&yellow jackets!).  These days, everything has to be red.  This was the first time he hadn't worn a red shirt in days!

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